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Weight Management 
     Statistics show that restrictive and "fad" diets do not work and many dieters simply end up putting on more weight than when they started.  There are many reasons for this, but mainly the diets are generic, unrealistic and do not address the reasons why you are carrying more weight than desirable.

Sport & Exercise Nutrition 
     Often the difference between success and failure in sport is good nutrition.  To attain optimal performance and speedy recovery, whether you are an elite athlete or amateur exerciser you need to support your training and performance with the correct nutrition at the correct time.  I can help you get the most out of your training and competition.

General Wellbeing Nutrition 
     Often we feel sluggish, tired and unmotivated and just not on top of our game.  This could be directly linked to our diet, exercise or sleeping patterns.  I can help you re-energise your life.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
    BIA is the smart way to analyse your training and weight loss. It allows you to track your fitness progress through regular monitoring of muscle mass increase to fat mass decrease as well as changes in BMI, percentage of to body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, and basal metabolic rate.
It also allows you to identify areas that need to be worked on to achieve muscle balance (arms and legs).

Woman's Outdoor Fitness Classes
     Looking to improve fitness and loose fat? Want to delay the ageing process? Don't want to be tied to gym contracts? Find out how I can help you to to get fitter, feel good, have fun and make new friends.

Strength Training For Cyclists
     If you wish to maximise your cycle training it is important to "mix-it-up".  By stressing your muscles you will gain positive adaptations that increase your strength and endurance capabilities. Find out how I can help you.

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