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Women's Outdoor Fitness Diary

The outdoor classes are held in such beautiful and inspirational surroundings which I want to share with you. There has been no picture editing done here!

To enlarge the pictures below, click on them to magnify.

Thursday 20th September 2012, 9am at Kulim Park, Tauranga. Cloudy but calm and peaceful

Friday 21st September 2012, 9am at Mount Main Beach/Leasure Island. Stunning!

Tuesday 25th September, 9am on Mount Jury. Grey skys with rain threatening but suprisingly sheltered on Mt. Jury

Thursday 27th September, 9am Kilim Park, Tauranga. Tide is out but the view is still fantastic.

Friday 28th September, 9am off Leasure Island, Mount Maunganui. Wild seas but up Mt. Jury it was calm and serene; so beautiful and peacful.

Thursday 4th October, 9am at Kulim Park, Tauranga. Dark thunder clouds threatening

Friday 5th October, 9am at Mount Maunganui Main Beach near the Cenotaph. Lovely, lovely, lovely sunshine! Breezes kept us coolas we worked hard to warm up.

Tuesday 9th October, 9am off Leasure Island, Mount Maunganui. Fabulous day to work out.

Wednesday 10th October, 5.30pm at Mount Main Beach. Breezy but beautiful on the beach.

Friday 12th October, 9am off Leasure Island, Mount Maunganui. Wow what a day in Paradise - where was everyone? Beach all to ourselves, how perfect.

Tuesday 16th October, 9am very windy but we found a sheltered nook on Mt. Jury with great views - great class girls!

Tuesday 16th October, 5.30pm Kulim Park, hanging on with our toes in the wind - haha!

Wednesday 17th October, 5.30pm Mount Main Beach, wild winds, sand eddies on the beach.

Thursday 18th October, 9am Kulim Park, wet, windy and white caps on the waves - brrr!

Tuesday 23rd October, 9am Mount Jury, storm brewing, stunning sea views from the beach 'gym'.

Tuesday 23rd October, 5.30pm Kulim Park, beautiful private boudoir of palms.

Thursday 25th October, 5.30pm Kulim Park, gusty, cloudy, inspirational.

Tuesday 30th October, 9am Mount Main Beach, we found a warm spot on Mount Jury - almost believed it was summer!

Tuesday 30th October 5.30pm Kulim Park, still evening, yachts on harbour.

Wednesday 31st October 5.30pm Mount Jury, another breezy spring evening.

Thursday 1st November 5.30pm Kulim Park, warm and still - what a wonderful day.



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